Florida Drug Detox Center

Drug and Alcohol Detoxification

Welcome to Unity Detox Center, the place where drug and/or alcohol dependent individuals come to take control of their lives. Unity Detox Center is a place where addicts can begin their pursuit of sober living. The first and most vital step in almost every rehabilitation recovery program involves detoxification. Unity Detox Center is a luxurious facility that creates a comfortable and calm environment for patients as they begin one of the most challenging aspects of their recovery treatment.

Unity Detox Center Facility

The decision to make a change is something that we take seriously at Unity Detox Center. When an individual seeking a life of sobriety chooses our detox center, we begin the careful process of detoxification. Proper detoxification addresses the bio-chemical effects of addiction. Leading each aspect of our drug and alcohol detox program with care and respect, we are able to begin the process of mental, physical, and emotional healing.

At Unity Detox Center, we take privacy and confidentiality very seriously, as our patients are given a safe, comfortable detox environment where they can feel at ease while they begin their path to rehabilitation.

Personal Attention in Florida Drug Detox

The detoxification process is deeply dependent upon a set of personal, individual circumstances. As such, our detox professionals handle each and every patient independently, understanding that there is no comprehensive detox process, but personalized methods that will pave the road to full recovery. The following circumstances will modify the detox plan:

Determining the extent of which withdrawals are experienced by the individual patient will lay the foundation for the most practical detoxification plan. In general, the patient’s symptoms will reach a peak during the first few days after drug and alcohol use is discontinued. The guidance and support of Unity Detox Center’s professional medical team will prove to be instrumental during this peak.

At Unity Detox Center, patients are never alone in the detox process. Our team of dedicated and sympathetic therapists stands by our patients as they navigate this challenging time. With the support of Unity Detox Center therapists, medical doctors and detox staff, the intense challenges that come with clearing the addict’s system will be significantly lessened.

A Luxurious Drug Detox in Florida

Unity Detox Center is Florida’s most luxurious, elegant drug and alcohol detox center. A beautiful living environment is imperative to making the detox process as enjoyable as possible. Allowing our patients to wear their own clothing makes them comfortable during this typically difficult time. Each room in the detoxification center is designed professionally to make our patients feel at home.

With a 24 hour medical staff available to treat and oversee patients, we are able to keep a thorough account of each patient’s progression through the detox program. Unity Detox Center patients can look forward to the following amenities:

Unity Detox Center has proven the method of detox in a home environment. When addicts are able to feel comfortable in their detoxification process, the success rates skyrocket. Are you ready to make a change? Are you wondering where to begin? Sober success begins at Unity Detox Center.